Guide for Montparnasse Tower Visitors with Kids

Visiting Paris with children can be an enchanting experience, and Montparnasse Tower offers a perfect blend of fun, education, and awe-inspiring views for the entire family. Standing tall in the Parisian skyline, this modern skyscraper is not just an architectural marvel but a source of wonder for young minds. Here’s how to make your family visit to Montparnasse Tower a memorable and enjoyable one.

Planning Your Visit

Timing is Key

To avoid the crowds and make the most of your visit, aim to arrive early in the day. The tower is generally less crowded in the morning, making it easier to navigate with children.

Preparing the Little Ones

Before your visit, introduce your kids to the tower through pictures and stories. Get them excited about what they’ll see from the top, like the Eiffel Tower and other famous landmarks.

At Montparnasse Tower

The Elevator Ride

One of the highlights for kids is the elevator ride to the 56th floor. It’s one of the fastest in Europe and offers a thrilling start to the adventure.

Interactive Exhibits

The observation deck is not only about the view. It features interactive exhibits that are both fun and educational. Kids can learn about the landmarks they are viewing and the history of Paris in an engaging way.

The Observation Deck

Once on the deck, let the kids take in the view at their own pace. Play a game of identifying different landmarks or have a scavenger hunt based on the cityscape.

A Visit to the Rooftop Terrace

The open-air rooftop terrace on the 59th floor is a great spot for kids to feel the breeze and see the city from a different perspective. It’s also a safe environment for them to explore.

Activities and Amenities

Snacks and Refreshments

The café on the 56th floor offers snacks and drinks, perfect for a quick break. Enjoying a treat while overlooking the city can be a delightful experience for kids and parents alike.

Souvenir Shop

The souvenir shop at the tower is a great place to pick up a memento of your visit. Letting the kids choose a souvenir can be a fun way to end the trip.

Tips for a Smooth Visit

Stroller Accessibility

Montparnasse Tower is stroller-friendly, with elevators and spacious observation decks. This makes it convenient for families with young children.


Ensure to use the restrooms on the ground floor before heading up, as there are no facilities on the observation decks.


While the observation deck and terrace are secure, it’s always important to keep an eye on your children and stay close to them, especially in crowded areas.

Dress Appropriately

The rooftop can be windy, so bring jackets or scarves, even in warmer months, to ensure everyone stays comfortable.

Beyond the Tower

Exploring the Montparnasse Area

The Montparnasse area itself is family-friendly, with several parks, cafes, and creperies. A walk around the neighborhood post-visit can be a delightful way to wind down.

Visiting Nearby Attractions

Close to Montparnasse Tower are other child-friendly attractions like the Luxembourg Gardens, which offers a great space for kids to play and enjoy puppet shows.


A visit to Montparnasse Tower can be a highlight of a family trip to Paris. It’s not only an opportunity to see the city from a unique viewpoint but also a chance for kids to learn and have fun. With a little planning and the right activities, your family can have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience at one of Paris’s modern wonders.